T h e   B r i d g e   D a h a b

About Us


The Bridge Dahab everything is about diving. We are all divers and even those of us who are not are well on the way to become one soon. Our idea of heaven is to wake up, have a good breakfast and spend the rest of the day diving. Join us for some underwater adventures!

A good holiday doesn’t require any complicated formula. It’s about a comfortable bed to sleep in. A great breakfast to wake up to. And the promise of a great day full of diving adventures ahead. Simple as that.

How This Adventure Begun

It all started with the dive centre. Bassem opened the doors of Liquid Adventures in 2014 with the ambitious goal to make it one of the best dive centers in town. And he succeeded, Liquid Adventures is truly a dive center like no other. Good quality equipment and excellent service equals happy divers.

In 2018 it was time for a new beginning on a new location with a new goal in mind, not only the best dive center but the best divers hotel as well. Based on the same principle that a comfy room, a nice hot shower and a good breakfast equals happy guests and are prerequisites for a fantastic diving holiday.

Bassem & Nadia

Travellers, Divers & Owners


Head of Logistics


Mastermind in The Kitchen


Clean & Tidy


Q, Multitasking Ninja


Good facilities are important. A room where you feel safe and at home, a pool to cool down, sunbeds to warm you up and a dive center that meets your needs. Even when you’re gone we’re happy to store your dive equipment for your next diving holiday.

Room Choices, Designed for You


hoose your room depending on how you want to spend your diving holiday. With your dive buddies, your family or alone. Whatever your choice, your room is designed to make you feel comfortable and you will love the spacious bathroom.

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