T h e   B r i d g e   D a h a b

Hotel Rooms


repare to be pampered during your stay because that is what we like to do at The Bridge. We realize that a good night’s sleep and a refreshing shower do wonders for a fresh start into the day. We like to keep it simple but we do not compromise when it comes to quality and comfort.

Single Room

For all those travellers that decided to hit the road alone

Double Room

Nothing better than holidays with your most beloved one

Twin Room

Ideal for sharing between friends and dive buddies.

Triple Room

For friends and those who require a little more space

Connected Room

For families and those who require a little more space

Good facilities are important. A room where you feel safe and at home, a pool to cool down, sunbeds to warm you up and a dive center that meets your needs. Even when you’re gone we’re happy to store your dive equipment for your next diving holiday.

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