T h e   B r i d g e   D a h a b



Join us for what very well might be your best diving holiday ever. At Liquid Adventures we travel and dive ourselves and understand what you need for the best diving experience. We are fortunate to live in Dahab, one of the best places for diving and snorkeling in the world. That’s great but to have a perfect diving holiday you need more than that. Good quality dive equipment, excellent instructors and flexible staff that understand your needs can lift your vacation from average to unforgettable.
It probably takes you more than one holiday to visit all the places in and around Dahab and even if you’ve seen them all we have more surprises for you in store like camping under the stars in Ras Mohammed or visit history at The Thistlegorm.
And there you go… off in the crystal clear water of the Red Sea. The water is warm, the visibility is great and soon you become one with the colorful fishes that call this home.

If this is your first dive you will not forget it for the rest of your life. But even if you have travelled and dived in every corner of the world you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of the coral reef and the many species you will encounter. From a cheeky clownfish to a shy seahorse or an impressive turtle, munching away on a piece of coral.

Dive Courses

We offer PADI diving courses from beginner to Instructor.

Diving in Dahab

Dahab underwater is a mix of colors, shapes and fish.

Camel Safari

A unique Dahab adventure. Go for a dive with a camel.

Boat Trips

A must for any diver in Dahab. A dream day with beautiful dives.

Dive Camp

The best and most exciting wreck dive in the world.


Ideal for sharing between friends and dive buddies.